CNN’s theme week: Fix Our Schools

CNN is highlighting the problems in our public schools and potential solutions in a back to school special this week. So far this week:

The firing and rehiring of teachers at Central Falls HS in Rhode Island. The story is skewed towards the teachers’ perspective, and lacks the other side [i.e. why the teachers were fired in the first place… chronic low-performance (7% proficiency in 11th grade math) and refusal to make concessions that would improve the school]. It may not have been the smoothest process, but at the time, it may have been the only viable way to make the changes that were so desperately needed. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Listen to what students have to say about what makes a good teacher.

Read about what award-winning teachers have to say about strategies to improve public schools.

Explore Charter Schools CEO & Founder, Morty Ballen, says the adults have to change first… We too often blame the kids and the families… We need to: 1) dig into data for each student, 2) look at resource allocation- change how we use time, 3) ensure that we have freedom around human capital. Charter schools serve 3.5% of our student population, but we need a more systemic solution. The approximately 5 minute interview barely gives Morty enough time to cover the broader ideas of HPHP schools, let alone provide solutions for how to scale up the best/promising practices into the entire public education system.


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