Chicago Scholars onsite

The majority of high school seniors affiliated with the Chicago Scholars program will be admitted to at least one college by the end of the day Tuesday, October 26th. The students have already applied to five colleges and have the opportunity to interview with admissions representatives tomorrow. Many will be told that they’ve been accepted to at least one school. The students are still able to apply to additional colleges on the normal admissions cycle and will decide where to attend in the spring. While their peers are starting to think about college essays, applications and opportunities, these select students will already have at least one option for higher education. Watch the forum live online.

UPDATE: All five students in my cohort received admission to at least one school. Many received multiple acceptances and some very nice scholarships. The first few acceptances sent cheers through the building… two hours later getting a college acceptance letter became the norm and while there were still cheers, they were much more muted. By the end of the day, some students were completely nonchalant about gaining admission to 3+ schools (with scholarships). It was still an amazing experience to be there when one of my students was accepted to a very good school in DC and received a $40k scholarship. She’d already had two acceptances, but burst into tears at the interview table, hugged me, and then promptly called her mother.


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