An abundance of news…

Ron Huberman is leaving Chicago Public Schools at the end of the month. Who will Mayor Daley appoint as the Interim? Will it be someone who can prepare the organization for a new mayor and a new CEO, or could it be someone who the new mayor would want to keep after the elections? Will it be a Superintendent or a CEO? Lots of pressure from the union and community groups to get rid of mayoral control and create a “blue ribbon panel” to select a new CEO.

One of Mayoral candidate Gery Chico’s supporters used her CPS email to solicit attendees for an education-oriented fundraiser. See more here. Ethics much?

An EdWeek article, Regular Public Schools Mimic Charters, discusses ways that charter schools are sharing their best/promising practices with traditional public schools. Additional issues that are not addressed in the article: many charters are not successful, so which ones are sharing their practices? Since an increasing number of traditional public schools are gaining charter-like conditions, how can charter schools and charter management organizations be better used to train & educate traditional public school principals and district leaders about how to use these new levels of autonomy & authorities? At the same time, how can successful charter schools share their promising practices with underperforming charter schools?

The Huffington Post recently posted a column entitled Education for Democracy: If Teachers Were Treated Like Doctors. I strongly disagree with the some of the claims, but I think it’s important to bring these issues to the table. I’d like to know how many doctors would be able to keep their licenses if more than half their patients didn’t make it? How many hospitals would remain open if they had the same problem (i.e. districts)? How many doctors would continue to earn their full salaries even if they didn’t see any patients and were not allowed to see patients for one reason or another, i.e. NYC’s Rubber Room?


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