Congratulations to the Chicago Posse cohort!

On Wednesday night, 85 Chicago students joined the growing ranks of Posse Foundation scholars across the country. The high school seniors received 4-year full tuition scholarships to leading colleges and universities, along with strong alumni and mentor networks and additional on campus supports. Over 2000 Chicago students were nominated for 85 slots at 8 schools.

Two of the students I’ve been working with through Chicago Scholars are recipients of Posse scholarships to DePauw and UW-Madison. Watching the students receive their formal letters of admission and a school sweatshirt was an amazing experience. Friends and family members cheered, students hugged the admissions representatives, and smiles filled the auditorium.

As an alumna of Denison University, it was thrilling to also see a new cohort of Chicago students that are headed to Denison in the fall. I was aware that the partner universities covered a large portion of the Posse cohort costs, but I didn’t realize that the universities funded the entire scholarships. From now on, my Denison donations will be given the Posse program on campus.

I couldn’t be more proud of the two students from the Chicago Scholars No Limits cohort who are headed to DePauw and UW-Madison.

On a side note: Kudos to the Noble Street Charter Network of schools. Posse lists all of the sending high schools and Noble Street-affiliated schools were the most frequent. Obviously, the Noble Street network is not only educating their students, but also nominating them for a variety of scholarship and other growth opportunities.


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