New Report: SIG Promising Practices from Oklahoma

Today, the Center on Innovation & Accountability released a promising practice case study, prepared by Corbett Education Consulting, that highlights how a strong statewide system of support can provide focus and sustainability to a state’s School Improvement Grant program.

Situating School Improvement Grants within a Coherent System of Support

Oklahoma developed a strong foundation for school improvement efforts over the last several years. The influx of 2010-11 federal School Improvement Grant dollars allowed the state’s Turnaround Office to increase the intensity and enhance the services and supports provided to the schools and districts with the greatest needs.

Oklahoma’s statewide system of support has evolved over the years and now includes the following key components:

Classification of schools into three tiers based on state assessments; „

Differentiation of supports based on classification and diagnosis of practices relative to the Oklahoma Nine Essential Elements and their 90 indicators;

„• External expertise from School Support Teams that guide schools in improvement status to bring their operations into alignment with the standards of practice;

• School improvement planning process based on the Oklahoma Nine Essential Elements, including 90 indicators, and facilitated by the web-based WISE Tool; and

What Works in Oklahoma institutes and publications derived from ongoing research on the Oklahoma Nine Essential Elements and their indicators by Marzano and Associates.

As additional promising practices, related to the School Improvement Grant program, emerge over the upcoming months, those strategies can be gathered, codified, and shared with other states and districts.

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