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New publication – Using Learning Recovery funds as a catalyst to reform procurement practices

Far too often, procurement offices are seen as merely a procedural administrative function in education systems. But, the work of procurement offices impact almost every aspect of programming and operations throughout a school district. A poorly written RFP or a poorly managed RFP process might not result in the most qualified and most effective vendors responding to the RFP or being awarded a contract. Additionally, not following through and monitoring the outcomes of that contract and partnership is also a glaring hole in the education space. Districts (and state education agencies) can use the huge influx of federal dollars (much of which will go to external vendors) to change what their procurement processes look like and how they impact academic and operational outcomes. For more specific steps and strategies that districts and states can take to reform procurement practices, check out this new publication that my colleague Bi Vuong and I just developed for the National Comprehensive Center: Promising Procurement Practices to Maximize Learning Recovery: Increasing the Effectiveness of External Vendor Contracting to Provide Services.


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